Sebastiaan legt uit


They learn new things from our experts who work around specific themes.
Participants get a fast and proper introduction, advanced or master classes. This is how they discover new technologies, frameworks and methods.
Things that are usable even after the hackathon.

Arduino en ledjes


We get our and their hands dirty quickly. We build our own app with data from a sensor linked to an Arduino. Marketing and IT work together to on a Bitcoin concept or we program a first VR experience. The results might sometimes be less important, but learning and research is key.

Lasercust box for Raspberri Pi 3


We always work towards a concrete goal; your product, a specific use case or a problem within your company. We define a MVP or POC and create a prototype that will convince all stakeholders and preferably the end user.

Stimulate Innovation

Stimulate innovative thinking and doing by focussing on a case with multiple stakeholders.

Update your knowledge

Learn new languages, frameworks, techniques or hardware from field-experienced experts.

Conquer talent

Make your company stand out for technical profiles. The ones who work for you and those who don't (yet).

Some example hackathon packages


  • 3-layer architecture
  • API’s
  • Front-end Frameworks
  • Back-end Frameworks
  • Mobile Frameworks
  • Git flow
  • Docker
  • ElasticSearch
  • PHP/Node/Python/Swift/…
  • Laravel/React/…


  • UX for Front-enders


  • Arduino 101, Advanced
  • Raspberry Pi
  • iBeacons


  • Blockchain 101
  • Bitcoin 101


  • Middleware
  • Scalability
  • Google API’s
  • Microsoft API’s


  • AR Gamekit
  • VR Gamekit
  • Unity 101


  • Lean Startup
  • MVP
  • Biz Model Canvas
Simon Floré

Simon Floré, CTO at Teamleader

Within a succesful hackathon weekend, together with the product team we built a complete new user interface. In a two-day hackathon we dived into Angular 2 and React, which helped us to decide which front-end framework is the best fit for our architecture. Hackfridays took care of the setup, the expertise and the beers.

Kurt Rogiers

Kurt Rogiers, Innovation Architect at Tui/JetAir

I raised the demand for a hackathon formula for the IT team. This to encourage innovation and inspire developers within TUI. These HackFridays happened every 3 weeks in both Belgium and the Netherlands, which generated attention from our colleagues at TUI Nordics. The guys at Hackfridays have the knowledge and courage to get their hands dirty for innovation.



HackFridays is a spin-off from Cloudoki,
specialized in API-centric application architecture and development, serving startups, scale-ups, SME and Enterprise clients.
By partnering up with Nerdlab, HackFridays has its own fablab.