With over 70 topic sessions, keynotes, and chats plus a technical workshop, spread over 3 days, this event was much bigger than last year.  Done in a TV network style that included interludes with rap, workout, DJ, and capella singers, this really was an audience focused show!

The majority of sessions allowed numerous partners and customers alike to highlight success cases using Kong, in diverse industries and from across the globe. Particularly interesting ones included Bold commerce, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Just Eat, DBS, and AWS.

The overall theme of the event was developing the connected world, and connectivity and cloud were key items covered by several presenters.  Trending themes such as APIOps and GitOps were also discussed, as were core areas such as serverless, service mesh, containerisation, and security.  The technical session on the final day took us through the fundamentals of setting up a Kong gateway for those who hadn’t had a peek under the product hood.

One good effort on Kong's part was that they organised a hackathon linked to the event - where hackers could start a few days prior to the event and then there was an awards ceremony on the second day - well done for trying to engage developers in advance!