Spring has sprung, and with it comes a new wave of events for our Cloudoki and API Suite teammates to attend. Like previous events, they were able to spread the good word about our business and network with some like-minded people at the latest event, Mobile World Congress (MWC) & 4YFN (4 Years From Now).

To give a bit of context about the event, MWC Barcelona is the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry. It’s where world-leading companies and trailblazers share the latest thought leadership about the progression and future of connectivity. And it’s the best place for networking opportunities with mobile and tech industry influencers.

MWC Barcelona is attended by global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners. MWC Barcelona is the place to be seen, exhibit ground-breaking products and technologies, and make remarkable connections with senior decision-makers, creators, and innovators in the industry.

4YFN is the startup business platform that enables startups, investors and large corporations to connect and launch new business ventures together. Considered to be the ‘little sister event’ to MWC, this also takes place in Barcelona, from 28th February until 3rd March.

Starting the week with a bang

As you can tell, this was the perfect opportunity for our teams to raise awareness about Cloudoki’s variety of services and the wonderful API Suite product, which is now available for a free trial for all customers. Over the course of the week, our “eyes in the skies” were able to attend a multitude of talks, listening to some influential speakers such as Oscar Pierre, Glovo CEO and Co-founder, and Ronny Krieger, General Manager at Patreon!

The API Suite team greatly benefited from meeting so many colleagues and people on the ground. This was the perfect opportunity to speak about their amazing product, but also get some feedback from the market! It’s always great to hear user problems and feature needs, and how to continue improving their experiences with the platform.

The Cloudoki team were able to meet and greet a number of emerging tech industry leaders at the stalls. Companies such as Mivote Tech, OQC, Binance, Talsec and hashingDNA’s Co-founder & CIO Kim F. all spoke with the team, sharing ideas and most importantly, building and strengthening connections. An exciting and promising future lies ahead!

Some of the stalls the team had the pleasure of chatting with!

Some of the team’s key takeaways about the overall event were:  

  • 4YFN was a vibrant and solid tech startup event, with a good mix between services, software and hardware.
  • It was great to see that European startup ecosystems are strengthening as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic (innovation and creativity are alive!)
  • For MWC, it seemed that the big exhibitors seem to be in a holding pattern until 5G rolls-out, with subdued activity on mobile devices. However, there was loads of excitement with some teasers for VR, AR and metaverse development, as well as core data and security, being hot topics discussed.

The overall 4YFN and MWC verdict: It has been a struggle for most events to re-orient their places in both a changing competitive landscape, mid-life crisis and obviously COVID times. But thankfully #4YFN22 and #MWC22 seems to be back with a bang. 4YFN and MWC have landed with solid footing as the corporate differentiator between #Websummit (which has become nearly too popular) and #SLUSH (the founders’ Valhalla event). Everyone at Cloudoki and API Suite would also like to give a special thanks to all the speakers and participants who didn’t shy away to share their pain about the ongoing Ukrainian crisis.

Final days of the event and it's still booming!

The Spring season is in full force now, and MWC 2022 was an excellent start for Cloudoki and API Suite. Until next time, the team will be counting down the days until MWC 2023!

This was a quick summary of the fantastic event, but if you would like to find out more, and what other diverse businesses Cloudoki and API Suite were able to meet, check out their Twitter pages below!