Find out what it takes to intern with the wonderful Cloudoki family!

I study computer science on "Universidade de Evora" located in Portugal. I chose Cloudoki to intern because it was a full-stack project, I could learn both frontend and backend!

When I first started my internship, I didn’t know what to expect. I had never had an internship opportunity before, and to be completely honest, I was a little scared and several doubts started to cross my mind.

What if I can’t do the tasks required? What if I take too long to deliver a project? What if I ask a dumb question?

I'm sure anyone that has gone through an internship can relate, however, these doubts didn’t last long.

Head first

On my first day, I met Diogo Simões, my Back-end supervisor, and it was during my first interaction with him that I realized all would be well. Diogo was super nice, and helpful. He assured me that "we are not in a rush" and that I should take my time to learn the programming language and code at my own pace. The focus was on my learning path. Diogo also made sure I knew that there are no such things as dumb or wrong questions and answers.

With this, I felt much more confident and all pressure suddenly disappeared.


I had never worked with Golang before and my GitHub knowledge was scarce, so to start the project I needed to learn these tools as fast as I could! University didn’t teach me Golang, but Universidade de Évora gave me everything I needed to be able to learn it. So, with a lot of research and Diogo’s invaluable help, I was finally able to start my journey, where I learned so much!

Not only did I learn the programming languages, but also how to properly document my code, how to use environment variables, how to work with docker and even how to do very complex unit tests!

I can’t thank Diogo enough for all the knowledge he shared with me and the patience he showed.


After finishing coding the Back-end, it was time to move to the Front-end side of things, where I got Rui Molefas as my supervisor! In order to learn "the ways of Cloudoki", he shared with me one of Cloudoki's starter React projects, walked me through the code, and gave me simple tasks to implement.

Much like my previous tasks with Diogo, I didn’t feel any type of pressure to finish any task quickly, as I learned to react at my own pace and completed task after task. Then we moved on to the actual project implementation.

Again, Rui was always there to answer my questions and help with everything I needed. Fortunately, I was able to finish all of my tasks before my time with Cloudoki was over.

Final thoughts

Overall, I loved serving as an intern for Cloudoki! They provided everything I needed to learn, not only their knowledge but even all the online courses I needed! I learned a lot about new programming languages, and how a project/team is organized and I caught a glimpse of how the real world works.