What we do

With us, you're sure to get a custom built application, tailor made for your product, size & performance, and also future-proof.

Cloudoki focuses on quality first. We're strong believers that every problem has a right solution, and that's exactly what we'll deliver.Groundbreaking products need groundbreaking technologies, and we're always updating our stack.

Cloudoki now offers a full circle service for your product ecosystem - with scoping advice, UX, development, release experts and SecOps.

How we do it

"We take our time in the preparations so that, in the end, we won't have to take it out of the quality."


Working together with you

Each product solves a different problem with a unique solution, and is therefore, a different challenge. The goal of the product, the long term vision, the clients, everything is important for us. We bring the project into our team, understand and own it as our own.
This can only be achieved through trust, communication and a good collaboration.


Once we're deep into the product's mindset, we turn to the practical goals of the project. What is expected and on which terms greatly affects the technology, team and the complexity of the solutions.
We always take future stages into consideration.

Research & brainstorming

After knowing the product and the different goals, we then research how the problem should be solved. This means picking everything from architecture technology, continuous integration strategy, etc.

Planning & Execution

Timeline & Planning

Planning has a huge impact on both the team delivery quality as well as the client's experience. We take this very seriously.
We always provide a delivery roadmap before starting the project, and always respect it.


We go as autonomously as possible during this stage, doing what we do best, in full productivity mode.

Project Management

A Scrum approach

Managing the project successfully is half the way to having a proper product shipped.
We're experienced in Agile methodologies more concretely Scrum, to make sure we meet our deliveries and quality.

Quality assurance

Everything from our chosen stack, integrations and development flow contribute to reducing the error margin of every project.
We follow industry standard continuous development practices to provide the safest development possible.

We take deliveries seriously

All of the preparations culminate in a detailed roadmap, with pre-defined delivery dates & milestones. As trust and collaboration is very important, if we do everything right but the delivery goes wrong, we endanger the relation with you, the client.

That's why we take our time in the preparations, so that in the end, we wont have to rush towards deadlines jeopardizing quality.


Seal of approval

We take pride in what we deliver.
From the project's kickstart till the end, we constantly align with our clients to make sure we'll handover exactly what we aimed at, with our quality stamp.

Long term team support?

We got you.All of our experience and focus goes into the development of highly scalable architectures and/or applications, not the maintenance of these. However, if our collaboration is just a step in your goals, Savvy is the solution for you!

We'll kickstart your own development team side-by-side with ours, and fully hand it over to you. This way you won't lose any productivity or time.

The Application Architects

Delivering the right solution for your product

We advise on, build, refactor and help with APIs and applications. We kickstart your product, create your team and hand over the whole thing.

We create and facilitate hands-on hackathons for developers and people.

Application Architecture & Development

Node.js / React.js / GraphQL / Kong / AWS / GCP

Our core is the research, design and implementation of future-proof digital products. We take application architecture very seriously when it comes to scalability & security. Our focus is always on quality first and not on cutting corners to deliver something.

Contact our founders (Rui and Koen) for more on UX Design / Product Kickstart / MVP / Prototyping / Tech Audits / API Advise / Application Architecture / Digital Transformation / Product Refactoring / Security