Depending on whom you ask, whether they’re in the tech industry or not, the role of a Product Designer is usually considered to be an ‘umbrella term’ for several different design roles. But for Cloudoki’s beloved Product Designer, Bruno Dobrões, his focus is primarily on UX Design. Furthering this point, Bruno explained how his job mainly involves “designing digital solutions that match both the user and client goals and expectations”. But his main responsibility has even greater importance, as he also strives (and succeeds) to ensure that there is always an optimal User Experience for each solution.

As part of the ‘Elder Interview’ series, Bruno recently spoke about his role in detail, explaining the varied ‘ins-and-outs' about what exactly a Cloudoki Product Designer does. “From a design perspective, with everyone attached to a project, we always ensure that the project’s problems are well defined and understood.” Having a project so clearly defined, with correctly detailed requirements and limitations for everyone, ensures that it will have a frictionless, optimal flow and user experiment of the product.

From here, the project then moves to the conceptualization of a solution. “This is done through either research, analysis or a quick brainstorming session with our other great designer Rita!” This is where the project gets very ‘real’, with Bruno and Rita drawing up early wireframes, all the way to final UI Mockups, with the clear objective of ensuring it remains accessible, user-friendly and, of course, a visually appealing solution.

One of the key aspects of Bruno’s role is how it constantly keeps things new and ‘fresh’. Each new project seems to involve him using new programs and software. For mockup creation across most projects, Bruno primarily uses Sketch, while also dabbling with Adobe XD. For an upcoming project, he’s excited to use Origami Studio for the first time. But as exciting as all these applications are, “nothing beats the classic pen and paper”.

Coming up to his one-year anniversary in just a few days (congrats Bruno!), he reflected on his time so far at Cloudoki. One of the key benefits of the family he admired was the youthfulness of the company, which is accomplished through its people. “It’s a small and young company, so it’s interesting to be part of this growing process. We’re constantly figuring out each other, and ourselves, while also striving to aim high constantly.” This dynamic workplace certainly keeps Bruno on his feet, as there is constant change, bringing along both new, interesting and diverse projects, and just as equally interesting and friendly people. “Overall, it’s an awesome work environment that allows you to have fun while also keeping focused on these new ideas and projects.”

The conversation then turned to talking about Bruno’s ‘origin story’ and how he got to where he is today. Interestingly, he claims that he never really followed a straightforward path in terms of education and work. Starting his higher education in Portugal, Bruno studied law for two years. Realizing that it wasn’t for him, he travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he did a bachelor's in marketing. Wanting something more creative for his career, he topped off his bachelor with a degree in Digital Concept Development. Through all the trials and tribulations, Bruno’s path in UX Design had now begun, finding it to be the perfect balance between his previously focused analytical studies and his creativity.

His first job as a UX Designer started at a Danish start-up called Ima Read, where they attempted to build an education toll. Unfortunately, the toll didn’t survive long and setting sights to greener pastures with his girlfriend, Bruno moved back to Portugal. Here he secured another UX role for an online gambling company. Fast forward 3 years, he found the Cloudoki family and became happily settled.

Regarding hobbies, a large portion of his time is dedicated to being a proud father of his 6-month-old baby boy. He also finds cooking to be peaceful and comfortable (after working 5 years in the food industry, this effect will stay with anyone), while finding travelling to be something he highly enjoyed and is itching to return to. Besides these hobbies, Bruno strives to increase his ever-growing collection of board games and create new original ideas with Lego pieces.

Returning to his time at Cloudoki, Bruno spoke about his current projects. “I’m usually always working on (and thinking about) API Suite. With its launch, I will begin gathering users' insights and analysis, which will help optimize the product to match their expectations and resolve any problems they might have.” Last month, Bruno and the team recently finished the designs for an exciting new project for GusFoods. But there’s no time to waste as they just recently started a new project for Cyrex, with another secret and “different but promising” new project in the pipeline for next month.

You can find out more about Bruno’s work by checking out his other articles here, and be sure to check out his work on API Suite by visiting