The unification and development of a Product team is an extremely vital step that should never be overlooked. Of course, you want to ensure you have the best of the best profiles, but how can you be sure you've found those people?

That's where our incredible Savvy team come in. Ultimately, our top-tier tech team's goal is to select and ensure you have the best profiles for your product team!

We offer the best conditions to both the new team and the landing developer based on complete benefit transparency and a defined set of acceptance requirements. Savvy operates on a daily seating cost basis, with (FREE) voluntary transition after 12 months.

Kickstart Your Product/team/Journey In Lisbon with Savvy.

Start with top-tier development for your Product, and end up with your very own team in Lisbon.

The Roadmap

We'll kickstart by researching and building your product's core with the best possible architecture

While our developers go at it, we'll advise you on what profiles to get, and handle the whole recruitment

All the hires will be properly trained by our team of experienced developers, on your specific stack

We'll also be able to advise you on setting up a Portuguese company, if necessary

Once the project's core is done and your team is ready, you can completely take it away

For Companies

Core Developed By Experts

The core of your product is built by our Senior Architects. We're expert in building future-proof scalable products & architectures.

Productive From Day 1

Benefitting from our expertise and teamwork from the beginning, you'll get it right from the start. There is no learning curve here.

Team Hiring & Training

Each product has its own stack and specifics. We'll figure that out for you, hire & train the profiles you need, and hand it over.

Amazing Place To Start

Focus on what matters: your product. We have years of managing people, offices, culture, recruitment. Your team will feel right at home.

We Help You All The Way

Starting your own thing in Lisbon means more than finding people. Luckily, we'll advise through everything. From bureaucracy to office spaces

Cost Effective

We're not in the business of renting people. As soon as your MVP is ready and your team is built, we'll hand everything over to you.

For Developers

We're All About Technology

Our culture is completelly knowledge based. If you want to be surrounded with after work beers & tech talks, this is the place.

Startup Culture & Opportunities

Be a part of our awesome office environment, and all the opportunities that come with being in a Product's first team.

International Team

We're an international team, with international clients, in a booming startup-scene city. Doesn't get better than this.


For Savvy specifications coming from the Customers, these are a list of relevant topics that we should ask for:

  • List of needs
  • Job description(s)
  • Main requirements; Nice to have
  • Years of experience
  • Stack that the Customer is using
  • Search region
  • Budget for the position
  • Budget for recruitment partners (if applicable)
  • Budget for other recruitment costs (if applicable)
  • Cultural specifications: Core Values; Hierarchy and communication flow; What people can expect on a daily basis?
  • Average team size; Different roles
  • Working method
  • Remote specifications
  • Product: How to pitch it; Future plans; List of clients; Ask for Product Demo
  • Customer recruitment process: How is currently defined
  • Informing the Customer of our usual Savvy Process

Use cases

Check out the amazing work we did for these global clients:


Cloudoki’s personable resources and company culture were highly praised by MobieTrain as well.

“(With Cloudoki) Customers can expect an experienced, adaptable team. Cloudoki react very professionally and always go the extra mile to deliver."

– Willi Van Boven, CTO at MobieTrain


Contact our founders (Rui and Koen) for more on Savvy for teams, or apply for a job directly to